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Equipment for Adventures : Autosleeper 

This oldschool High Top Motorhome  campervan may contain some or all of the following features:

  • Propane gas/electric powered refrigerator
  • Propane gas/electric cooktop and/or grill
  • One or more beds, some of which double-up as daytime seating
  • Electricity supplied by "house" battery or external hook-up
  • Shower
  • NO Television 
  • Room heater or central heating
  • Potable water tank
  • Wastewater tank for "grey" (wash) water and black water
  • Extendable external awning - an extendable canvas shade which offers protection from the sun
  • Generator - powered by gasoline, diesel or propane
  • Solar panels - for additional electricity generation
  • Bike rack 
  • SURFboard on rack :-)
  •  KANU etc. 

This Iveco Daily has a small kitchen with a refrigerator powerable by a choice of gas, battery, or mains electricity and a two-burner gas hob and grill. They generally have dual-voltage lighting which can work from either a dedicated battery (other than the van battery) known as a deep-cycle or leisure battery, or from AC power, supplied at a campsite via a hook-up cable.


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this IVECO is ready to go 

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