Faster than you Think .Build yourself a Racecar of the outstandingly successful LOTUS cars seen racing at all the principal circuits all seasons around the globe . By using a LOTUS Aluminium Hydroformed Lightweight Chassis frame as the basis of a LOTUS RACECAR . The customer is ensured trouble free assembly and guarenteed high standards of finish and performance . Welding Equipment , specialised tools and the use of custom made Axle assemblies and other components makes original equipment and spare parts redily available . 

Chassis are supplied complete with Bodykit and pannelling. All brackets and custom made engine mounts (made for either K-Series to choice for ) .

It is possible to complete the panelling as illustrated,

 Various types of aerodynamic bodies to special order . Other essential components such as complete conversions 

,suspension units ,safety devices , pedals, brakes , radiators , steering adjustment.


Has it always been your dream to create a race car for the road from the potential of your possibilities, and to use your existing talents to create something unique. Then read on here, and make yourself comfortable.

 The possibility of your self-realization opens up exactly for you by becoming part of a complex whole, from the idea to the vision it is a long winding road until the REALITY of the racing car you create becomes tangible and drivable. And this REALITY has to be created, it is in your hands, in connection with your DOING it creates an unimaginable variety of possibilities of uniqueness and your potential takes shape to create a LOTUS RACING CAR.

 Through my decades of experience in the Automatrix and the already existing drive train concepts in connection with the lightness of being, numerous prototypes of LOTUS RACING CARS have already been created for the race track and are already being moved and driven at this time on various race tracks, and the most complete POTENTIAL has been already proved and resulting their best times. Advises , experiences and sharing knowledge are essential parts from and with the 

LOTUS COMMUNITY LOTUS friends are a small community of open minded people.

For every Motorsport enthusiast, commitment and development spirit are the lubricants that revolutionize the system of the racetrack and keep MOTORSPORT alive. money is how we keep the score in motor racing nowadays :-)

 The vision of the lightness of being ....

The following possibilities are already available:

 LOTUS ELISE MK2 CHASSIS ( ROLLING CHASSIS ) EP-TUNING WISHBONES UPGRADE /WHEELHUBLOTUS EXIGE MK 1 MOTORSPORT FULL BODY KIT (HOMEMADE) LOTUS EXIGE MK2 BODYKIT (FRONT AND REAR CLAM ) DRIVETRAIN CONCEPTS (HONDA K-SERIES MOTOR + Gearbox) free choice BODYKIT (PAINT COLOUR , PERFORMANCE etc ) according to your wishes .and much much more in the infinite possibilities of your potentials . contact me and we create your unique 

                                                                             LOTUS RACE CAR